Have you ever wondered if it was really you?


Thank – you

People pat me on the back
And say nice job,
The best you’ve ever done.

I thank them all politely,
But curse each word they uttered.

I question myself now, was
It mine or just some thought
That my mind captured on paper?

Did it belong to some distant
Soul who, silently, graciously
Guided me among the words of
Each fleeting memory?

I drift silently, wondering
Momentarily, if it was really me.

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  1. I really love this poem, Rick. It’s thoughtful, thought-provoking, made me stop, reflect. Actually, it’s as much about the feel of the poem as it is about the ideas – great use of words to spark that reflective mood.

    Mind you, I’m not sure if I should pat you on the back…

  2. You are a free man if you can keep the ego in check this way. A wonderful way to express it. I’m sharing! Thanks, Rick.

  3. Boy do I get that! Love it and I’m taking what your words gave me with me with appreciation – you can ruminate all you want! I’ll be doing the same about something someone said to me!

  4. Hi Rick,

    A very thought provoking poem.

    I believe that we are all the sum total of what we have experienced. That being said, each of us interprets things differently and sheds their own unique light on a given situation.

    Speaking of light… an incredible photo and wondering where you got it. I’d love to have a copy.

    Thanks and keep writing, Dave

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