The Sea and the Ship

With anger raging inhuge.64.322374
Each foaming breaker,
The sea, in its great fury
Beats and pulls at the helpless shore.

Each wave, the accumulation
Of a pent up anger, born from the depth
Throws herself time and again
Upon the once peaceful beach.

The wind, now a gale
Lifts the sea to unimagined
Heights, only to plummet
Down with devastating force,
Sending spray and foam in all directions.

A ship on its maiden voyage is welcomed
By the sea with all her might and fury
Battering the helpless, insignificant intruder.

Up, down now spun.494px-De_Windstoot_-_A_ship_in_need_in_a_raging_storm_(Willem_van_de_Velde_II,_1707)
Up, down now spun again.

The small vessel seized
By the majesty of the sea,
Is caught by her cunning.

Alone, afraid and with
But one choice, to ride the jet-black waves
Topped with frosting.


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