A brief moment in time can form a memory that lasts forever…

As If We Were

I can remember you now,
Standing silently,
With your hair gently flowing
Down your back,
Golden in the soft rays of the sun.

Your eyes filling with tears,
Delicately revealing the
Soft tenderness of your heart.

Like dew drops in the morning air,
They rolled gently down your cheek
Disappearing silently into the warm
Touch of my hand.

You looked at me then,
And with a warm smile
You kissed me,

And said good-bye.


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  1. How short the moment in time captured for a lifetime in the heart. Yet in the memory it fills a lifetime.

  2. Your Poetry Rick reveals the sweet tenderness of your own heart beneath that gruff outdoorsman veneer. Keep writing. Keep Shariing.

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