Treasuring the autumn of life and all that it brings


There is a certain warmth to autumn, as it is in our own lives,
If we but take the time to look and ponder.

So I will continue to treasure this time of year with its wonderful hues,
Cool crisp air, apple cider donuts, and spectacular purple sunsets.

And I will also think of friends past and new,
As I prepare for the winter that inevitably lies ahead.

And in its bleakness foretells the promise of a new spring yet to come.


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  1. Half the world’s population lives in the tropics where there are only two seasons, wet and dry. The philosophy of life is different, birth, death, growing old happen all at once. The rhythm of life is different.

  2. Haiku as comment:
    Only healthy trees
    Are able to shed their leaves
    On time in autumn

    Try to break a twig next autumn – its dry leaves will remain until spring! It‘s next year‘s bud that needs to push!! (observations of a Langenhain gardener…). 🙂

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