Life at 12 College Road

3 House at 12 College RdI wanted to share my exciting news. I wrote a book called Life at 12 College Road and a young and dynamic publisher, Something or Other Publishing LLC (SOOP), thought it was worth publishing. They are right now putting the finishing touches on it for its pre-Thanksgiving release. And it is now available for pre-orders right here!

The book is a collection of memoir vignettes about growing up at 12 College Road.

While reflecting upon my past to write this book, I found that it was not the major earth-shattering events that were truly significant for me. Rather, it was the small things, many long forgotten until recently, that deeply touched me.

It is my hope that not only will you find them at times humorous, poignant, sometimes sad or even charming, but that if their retelling can help you to connect with similar moments from your own life, that would be worth the time in my writing these vignettes and your reading them.

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