Memories help to make us who we are and who we may become

House at 12 College Road7Most of us have never considered that we might be important. And truth be told, by typical standards, we aren’t. Only a handful of us ever get to be presidents or generals, or invent or cure something, or become saints for that matter. But that doesn’t mean we aren’t important to someone.

That’s what binds us. We are unquestionably unique, and yet surprisingly similar. And our everyday lives are more important than we may know.

We all have memories—those that make us smile or laugh, others that bring anger or tears, and some that we’d just rather forget. Those memories help to make us who we are today—and in some ways, who we will become tomorrow.

While reflecting upon my past to write Life at 12 College Road, I found that it was not the major earth-shattering events that were truly significant for me. Rather, it was the small things, many long forgotten until recently, that deeply touched me. Sure, some of the memories involve fire trucks, police cars, and hospital visits. But most do not. And if their retelling can help you to connect with similar moments from your own life, well, that is special—and well worth the time in my writing this book and your reading it.

So, when the book becomes available next month, I hope you will consider ordering one from Amazon, or pre-ording one now from the publisher here. Then get yourself a cup of coffee or tea, sit back, and get comfortable, and for a brief period of time, join me for a journey down memory lane, where laughter mingles with tears, sorrow turns to joy, and loss almost becomes bearable.

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  1. Thank you for writing this. I realized, as I waxed nostalgic, that this home held your whole young life. Having just lost the last member of my family, my sister Kathy, this book might stir up some memories for me as well.

    I hope your life has been good and that I didn’t warp you with the midnight horror TV shows.
    You were the only two kids for whom I would baby-sit.

    Ellie (Krasnow) Downes

  2. I wouldn’t mind going back, with what I know now, and the more confdience I have as an adult and go through school, and college. I’d defenitely take it more seriously, and could care less what other kids said or did. Your just to self conscious when your younger than you need to be.

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