In silence we can sometimes find those memories that have eluded us

In Silence


My voice is silent now,
Retreating within myself,
Groping, grasping, for fleeting
Memories to transplant in time.

I remember, I think, of times
When I would laugh and let
My feelings hover where they could spread
Their joyous wings and soar toward
The distant horizon.

Just when I thought I had them,
They would dance freely from my
Outstretched mind, and float
Slowly, softly out of sight.

There were times when I cried and,
I would sink silently, methodically
Into my room, where I could be apart
From the world, and the sadness

Would slowly transform itself
Into the warm joy of being alone.


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  1. Perfect thoughts for the morning coffee – really makes me long for some quiet time – alas, as a daddy with two little-uns, that time will be a while coming. We each have our own blessings, wherever we are in life.

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