I started to think about you today –

As If We Were

I started to think about you todaymetropolis-2-finished-small
Of how you left my life without a whisper,
Just going as if you had never come.

The days when I thought you were
Happy and you would laugh at the world
And its failures, but now I know it wasn’t your
World, but mine.

Remember the nights we spent alone
Just you and me and the quiet,
Whimsical melodies of those
Tranquil twilights, when we would reflect
Through time as if we were?

I wonder whom you are manipulating
Now, with your long, manicured nails,
Painted, shaped and filed, and
Your gentle dimples that say nothing.

I started to wonder why I wondered and stopped,
And forgot, I think, of
What was and what might have been.


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  1. There’s something about your poems, Rick, that gets right inside! Don’t know how to describe it, but I find what you write touches places deep in the heart. Keep writing!

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